"Magic with your message will not only stop them in their tracks, but with the memories of what they witnessed, clients will remember your display long after the show is over."
Trade Shows Cont.

 The Florida Orange Commission, Volvo, Fuji T.V.-Japan, Pekin Insurance, Shell Oil, Ocean Spray and many other companies have used Dan's magic to send a message and increase business. Not many people stop at a booth that only has a looped video of their product. Other companies have only a sales rep available to answer questions and hand out paraphanalia. Dan will GUARANTEE "leads" and promises to stop traffic! His company will have the lasting impression, the one remembered as being different....one with imagination. And doesn't your company want to stand out from the competition?

Dan and his team will script the presentation, build the props and even design the display or staging. Fuji T.V. insisted that a "blond female" be part of the presentation....no problem!


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