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Magic with Cards for Beginners (DVD or Video)



For Beginners. Easy card tricks using a regular deck of cards. No sleight of hand needed.

Price: $19.95


Imagine walking into a party and, with an ordinary deck of playing cards, becoming the life of the party.  Your friends will think twice about playing cards with you after performing these very easy, yet mystifying card tricks.  No sleight-of-hand needed and is a great introduction into the fun world of card conjuring.




*How to make a selected card appear in a piece of fruit!
*How to make an image of a card magically appear written on your arm!
*How to make a card, mysteriously rise, out of the deck.
*How to "memorize" the order of a shuffled deck of cards within seconds!
*Learn some secrets of cards that many magicians don't even know!
*And much much more!



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