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Stick's That Go Zoom! (Book)
Original ideas for the use of vanishing and appearing canes and candles with wonderful art work by Bill Steinacker.

Price: $15.00

Some of the most unusual and original things that one can possibly do with those vanishing, appearing and dancing canes and candles. 26 effects in all. With an introduction by Dick "Magic By Candlelight" Gustafson and wonderful artwork by Bill Steinacker, "Sticks That Go Zoom" is to candle and cane magic what Dunningers Encyclopedia of Magic was to his idea of "imaginative" magic. You may recall many of these ideas during Dan's magic convention performances. He still uses some of them on the cruise ships today.


*Candles to Kandel*
Turning two candles into one large/fat candle.

*Keen Kids Komedy Kandle Konjuring*
A comedy routine using a young volunteer and a candle.

*Dancing Cane Spin Finish*
Lucianos wonderful finish to the Dancing Cane routine. Dan ALWAYS closes his routine with this.

*Flash Candle to Dove*
Candle is lit, flash of fire, dove appears...candle gone!

*A Most NOVEL Routine*
A wonderful routine with color and mystery using a color-changing, vanishing and appearing cane.
For many years this has been part of Dans stage act.

and 21 more routines...



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