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Dan Stapleton's Top Ten Magic Set
Ten great tricks that will boggle your audience's minds.  All the props included to perform your own show.

Price: $24.95

Amaze your friends with 10 great magic tricks selected from the best magic sets from the past.  Parents & Grandparents - get the kids interested in the art or hobby with a Magic Set you can trust!  All the props needed in presenting your own show.  Instructions included as to how the tricks work.

Dan says: "Compare with other magic sets in quality and price.  I guarantee my "Top Ten" Magic Set to be one of the best available!" "A nicely produced set, colorfully packaged with quality props" - Phil Temple, Editor, Magic Set Collector's Newsletter.


Sponge Ball Mystery - Equal/Unequal Ropes - Magic Paddles - X-Ray Vision - Mardi Gras Magic Coins - E.S.P. Luggage Tags - Mystical Computer - Merlin's Haunted Spool - Vanishing Salt - Haf-N-Haf Card Trick


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