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Magic for the Working Magician (Lecture Notes)
Dan's own inventions and routines. Magicians who perform parlor or stage magic will use these ideas.

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Mostly for the stage or parlor magician (although included are some very unusual card tricks), Dan has received rave reviews for his lecture. These notes are from his 2 hour lecture and is for those magicians who actually look for something they can USE....and they will. His candor concerning body language, using old "standard" jokes in ones routine (its ok sometimes), making sense of the tricks you perform (dont stress over it), "projecting" when not using a microphone and how to entertain the whole room when performing close-up is a "must read".


...And lots of tricks to be learned and performed:

*Impromtu Dancing Cane*
Dan has used his method for 30 years and a fun story of how it was developed.

A card trick performed by members of the audience assisted by the magician standing at the far side of the room.

*Stars of the Mind*
Novel Mentalism with a diabolical method you will want to make up.

*The 25 cent Flashpot*
Developed for the Miss Florida Pageant and a magical way to open almost anywhere you perform.

*Sweet Transfer*
An "invisible" way to pass salt or sugar from one hand to the next

*Flash Card Stab*
An invention of Russ Walsh, Dans favorite, and a most theatrical way to present a card stab.

*Ball to Silk*
For the manipulator....visual and very pretty magic.

*Silk & Rope routine*
4-Tricks in one with a silk and a rope

and many more...

"A very informative lecture, offering many clever and very practical ideas and variations..."
(Review in Genii magazine for Tannens Jubilee)
"A fine lecture, stressing poise and stage presence which has become his trademark."
(Review in MUM for Assembly lecture)
"The hour seemed to go by in ten minutes....There seemed to be no end to the cleverness and ingenuity of these fellows."
(Review in Linking Ring for IBM convention)



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