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Close-Up Magic (DVD or Video)
For Beginners. An hour of easy yet mystifying feats of Magic using simple props found around the house.

Price: $19.95


Easy to perform magic you can learn.  Astound your friends as you perform these tricks right under their nose...and in the palm of their hands!!

*Great for beginners

*For ages 10-110

*No difficult sleight-of-hand

*No special props required

*Use ordinary objects found around the house, office or classroom.

*Fun at parties

*Warning! Magic can be addictive!


*Learn how to "squash" a solid glass thru a table!
*Learn the secret of the "magicians force"!
*Learn how to perform magic with borrowed money!
*Learn how to "read peoples minds!
*A full hour of many many more secrets of magic!



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