Dinner with the family aboard the Cruise Ship "Enchanted Isle"
Biography Cont.
Dan often mixes business with pleasure. He has Chaired and organized three Florida Magicians Association Conventions and three magic theme cruises. He was President of the Florida Magicians Association in 1995 and is a life member of the Society of American Magicians and is an IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) Order of Merlin member.

Dan, Faryln and twin daughters Amber & Ashley live in Orlando. Dan's son, Jeremy, although not a magician, has made many dollars hustling fellow Air Force personnel after watching a series of card-magic video tapes that dad produced (click "Products"). Dan is currently designing his second magic set (his first set, "Top Ten Magic Set" is generally sold after his shows) and his present non-magic project is writing a book (for teenagers) about the US Presidents.

Dan's mind is constantly working on new projects, often having four or five "works in progress" at the same time. From designing magic for companies and corporations to performing aboard the ships, he still, somehow, manages to have a (somewhat) normal life at home. Now that is quite a trick!

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