An early "Bozo" Show
Biography Cont.
  Dan left Circus World and created The Magic of Marriott, hiring magicians who could personalize the name of Marriott into the strolling magicians acts while patrons waited for dinner to begin. When companies held their conventions at Marriott, this gave Dan the opportunity, again, to use his imagination incorporating his magic into the convention sponsors name and product. It was at this time that Dan wanted to try his hand (or sleight of hand) performing "on the ocean". After a few years of performing his shows, he was invited to be the next Cruise Director, as well as still perform his show.

Between performing contracts aboard the various ships, Dan traveled across country promoting the cruise industry on local television and radio programs for CLIA (Cruise Line International Association).

While on board, Dan had the opportunity to present magic for the corporate groups who used the ship as a "convention at sea". One year, Mary Kay Products leased out the ship as did Alergan Pharmaceuticals. It was a challenge when companies leased out the ship for theme cruises such as an Irish cruise, Jazz or Country cruise...and even....a nudist cruise (really). Dan wrote about these various cruises, along with other colorful escapades about his life at sea, for an ongoing column in the popular magician's magazine, MAGIC.

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