Biography Cont.
At Circus World, Dan was able to perform some of his favorite illusions that he was previously only able to see performed on television. His favorite illusion, the Dekolta Chair (making a woman disappear while she sits in a chair in the middle of the stage) was the closer of his show. Dan added to the effect, making the illusion much more than just a vanish. Famous Las Vegas illusionists Siegfried & Roy visited the show, were taken through the steps of Dan's updated version of the illusion, only to have them perform a similar version in their first television special. It was at this family attraction where Dan met his wife, Faryln, who was one of the parks elephant trainers and one of the performers in the main circus show. She later became one of Dan's assistants in his illusion show. They were married a few years later on the island of St. Thomas, while performing aboard a cruise ship. It was at Circus World while, before hundreds of horrified spectators, that Dan nearly lost his life while performing "Escape From The Hurricane", a roller-coaster escape. A dramatic poster was created in advertising the event and the story appeared in many of the area newspapers. This was 20 years before popular magician Lance Burton performed a similar stunt on television.

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