Biography Cont.
At night, Dan conducted a 10 week course of magic, from its history to the creation of a show, at the Seminole Community College.

The Orlando Florida Symphony was a huge entity in the Central Florida Arts community. An enormous media blitz and fund raising promotion called "Symphomania" ensued and a fictional "super hero" emerged. Dan performed magic throughout the city, usually concocting elaborate publicity stunts and became "Symphomania Man", spreading the goodwill of symphonic music throughout the community. For one stunt, Dan hung upside down in a straitjacket ala Houdini, high in the air, and another evening, was chained and handcuffed and lowered into a giant tank of water.

An agent noticed Dan (how could he not!) and invited him to perform at an ERA banquet hosted by Maureen Reagan, who's father was about to become our next President.

A new tourist attraction was opened, and Dan was asked to rewrite one of the shows that was part of the attraction. Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Baily Circus World had opened it's "all live" shows attraction and after making his suggestions as to how the Theatre of Illusion show be improved, he was invited to be the magician of that show. He stayed three years!

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