...To the Caribbean
Biography Cont.
One early morning, soon after the park opened, Dan "levitated" Mickey Mouse in front of Cinderella's castle for a great photo op. He knew that, had he asked permission, the request would have been denied. However, being allowed to walk through the Haunted Mansion after the park had closed, gave Dan an insight and appreciation as to how the special effects were accomplished.

While working for Disney, he was spotted performing and was invited to perform for the Miss Florida Pageant. He magically produced a flower for each of the beauty contestants as they were introduced. Tough gig! Back stage, he kissed Miss Orlando, now actress Delta Burke, on the cheek and whispered, "You'll win!" Sure enough, she became the next Miss Florida. Dan and Delta dated a few times after that but as Dan confessed, "We were under tighter scrutiny than a KFC recipe"...and Delta moved up to stardom after moving to LA."

A family attraction was about to open and Dan was asked to design and build the Mystery Fun House Magic Shop. He left Disney, opened and operated the shop and this gave Dan more freedom to pursue the trade show and convention market. The American Dental Association asked Dan to theme an act that would, not only be entertaining, but also present a message to families about dental hygiene. It was at this moment that the gears started rolling in using his imagination in combining magic with corporate affairs.
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