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Although there were no magicians in the family, he remembers the first three tricks that were taught to him by his father and grandfather, which still fools some magicians today. His first paid performance was while in 8th grade, performing for a twins organization. "What a trip to look out into the audience with 100 sets of identical twins staring back. " Little did he realize that, years later, he would have a set of identical twin daughters for his very own. Now that's a lucky magician!

While in school, during a swimming exhibition, Dan jumped from the high dive, into the pool with two pairs of handcuffs behind his back. The impact from hitting the water created two cuts to his back with blood rising to the water's surface to an astonished crowd.

In the 1970's Dan was often sought after to perform and lecture the magic convention circuit. There he would explain some of his original creations and the finale to his "magic for magicians" act was turning a pair of doves into a beautiful white cat!

After moving to Florida, Dan became a demonstrator in the magic shops at Walt Disney World. "We had a small stage in the shop where we would present 15 minute performances, like a "dealers show" of the items we sold.".

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