On "Love Boat" with actors Harvey Korman and Bernie "Doc" Kopel.
Biography Cont.
Who would have guessed that 10 years later, he would be chained and shackled, leaping over the side of a cruise ship, a drop of 50 feet, into the Caribbean waters in performing a death defying escape. Why? Because, as he puts it, "I wanted to!" Talk about a "drop in the ocean"! Trade shows, conventions, hospitality suites and special events has also been a staple in Dan's career. From performing smaller venues such as in a boardroom, after a meeting held by a dozen Japanese businessmen, to performing on stage in the center of the Houston Astro Dome (for a highway construction equipment company), Dan has developed a "personal" show for a wide range of clients.

"I love the challenge of trade show and convention work. It allows me to use my imagination when selling clients products - weaving their product into a magical effect." He adds, "It doesn't matter what company or corporation hires me, the magic will always attract the attention of the potential clients and our company will be remembered long after the event is over." Dan was born in Milwaukee and raised in the nearby town of Waukesha. In high school, he was VP of the drama club, was elected senior class Treasurer, was a member of the student council, and lettered in pole vaulting, where he practiced his vaults in the same gym (field house) where recent gold medallist Paul Hamm perfected his gymnastics.

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