On "Love Boat" with actors Harvey Korman and Bernie "Doc" Kopel.
World famous illusionist Harry Blackstone Jr. stated, "Vaudeville didn't die....it just went out to sea!" Although studying magic for many years, most of those years Dan has spent thrilling audiences from "sea to shining sea". One of the busiest "cruise ship" magicians, he has had the weekly opportunity to test new idea's and fine tune routines until he is satisfied with the response he wants. He quickly found out that not all magic tricks that are presented aboard cruise ships receive the same response from land-based audiences....and visa versa. Same thing with trade-show and convention work. "With a 45 min. 'after dinner show', you can take your time and offer slower, more dramatic vignettes. But if 10 min. is all you are hired for, the presentation had better be one of higher energy," Dan insists.

In 1983, sailing throughout the Mediterranean, Dan's ship would make weekly stops in Israel, Turkey, Greece and Egypt. He met members of the Israeli Magic Society and, on one visit, presented his lecture. Afterwards he received a proclamation honoring him as one of the first magicians to lecture their group since Israel became a State. During this same time, Dan was fortunate to be performing aboard the same ship which the popular television show, Love Boat, was using for filming. They needed extra's and Dan was one of those chosen to be in a number of scenes for the 2 two-hours specials.

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